Intake Kits

GruppeM Ram Air System







GruppeM carbon fiber air intake system is made by hand with light weight carbon fiber composites using the most advanced “wet” and “dry” carbon fiber manufacturing processes.  Each system exceedd the requirements to sustain the extreme pressure induced by high performance engines.

Each design is different to create the best shape for each car model to maximize utilization of the limited available space in the engine room compartment.  GruppeM manufacturing processes only utilize the most technically advanced materials.

From high-density carbon fiber with Kevlar®  weave to instrument-grade aluminum and titanium elements, each GruppeM air intake, exhaust, brake line, and aerodynamic system is designed, crafted, and relentlessly tested to accomplish one goal… increase performance.


K&N Air Intakes

K&N has been improving automotive power and torque for over 20 years with easy to install air intakes. K&N air intakes are specifically engineered to use existing factory holes and mounting points, making installation simple. The vast majority of our cold air intakes do NOT require any cutting or drilling so adding performance is simple.