We are pleased to announce after months of development and testing we have released the Remap for KAWASAKI NINJA 650R.

Our remap has been developed for street and track purposes giving gains of +9 bhp. Power and torque has been distributed to give you a linear power delivery throughout the rev range. City riding will improve in such a way that absence of factory map will be pleasure with all the reduction in jerks in the lower rev range.

Benefits of Our Remap on Kawasaki Ninja 650R:

  • Handling more predictable
  • Have more control over your ride
  • Heat issue reduced
  • Better corner entry and exits
  • Reduced jerks while accelerating during a gear change
  • Smooth ride is required on track more than peak horse power
  • Smoother acceleration and power delivery
  • In cases engine heating is reduced to a great extent


Please have a look at the LINK section on your left where we have explained the difference between our REMAP vs FUEL CONTROLLERS like power commander, bazzaz etc.