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A remap unleashes the hidden power of an engine, we can help you get the biggest performance gain by upto +40% and improved drivability in a vehicle without altering any exterior components or the need of performance parts.

Remapping is modifying the stock map stored in flash memory which controls various aspects on an engine with ADVANCED TUNING which will ultimately create a huge difference in the performance of engine. Remapping is another word commonly used for the same meaning as ECU Tuning.

In Turbocharged Petrol / Diesel Engine:

  • Power by up to +40% BHp
  • Torque by up to +35% Nm
  • Mileage by up to +20%
Your Vehicle will have
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Hidden Power & Torque unleashed
  • Better Drivability
  • Faster Acceleration
  • Reduced Engine Noise & Vibrations
  • Increased REV Limit

We provide Engine Tuning services for Super Cars and Super bikes. We have invested lots of money in R&D and testing of maps to ensure the quality.

UD MOTOR X development team comprising of engineers, engine professionals and automobile industry veterans, having years of experience in engine performance upgrades, performance tuning employs proprietary software and a variety of debuggers, emulators and scopes to tackle the most complex tuning problems. Our dedicated research facility houses a state of the art Dynamometer and state of the art tools for developing and testing software. Expertise in software and circuit design, combined with

ECU Remapping by us can help you save upto 20% on fuel economy besides increasing the power of your turbocharged vehicle by 20-40%. We aim at providing best remaps.

EGR removal stops the "dirty" exhaust gases being recirculated back through the intake and into the engine. The whole system was simply fitted by manufacturers to help reduce NO emissions from the vehicle, but it affects the performance as well.